Saturday, April 13, 2013

Holiday fun!

We had a whirlwind visit from friends in the States. Spent a wonderful day with Roxie and Kyle, topped off with the kids around for dinner. Mummy made cupcakes and added a few Easter Bunnies hiding in the cupboard, which of course went down a treat with the little people. Some of the bigger people didn't mind them either!

The kids played keyboard, guitar and sung for the visitors. They are so very cute at this age. Also pleased to see they have the confidence to perform in front of other people too.

Enjoyed dinner in the city on the harbour Friday night with Roxie and Kyle . It's always gorgeous in the city at night. The weather has been fantastic and didn't disappoint - the evening was so balmy.

They sailed away on a 23 day cruise back to the States today - have a great trip you two.



Blogger Roxie said...

We had the most wonderful time! You are the kindest people and we do adore the kids! "What shall we do with the drunken sailor indeed. I guess we'll have to make up kid-friendly verses. "Make a cuppa tea and give it to him." "Tuck him into bed with a clean soft pillow."

Sunday, April 14, 2013 7:27:00 AM  
Anonymous 2paw said...

How lovely to have friends to visit. I can see that a good time was had by all. I hope there was Vegemite and Billy tea??!! It's nice when the children are confident and love to share their skills and talents!!

Monday, April 15, 2013 10:30:00 PM  
Blogger Denise said...

Hey, I recognise those faces! Remember fondly the visit of all four of you to our place some years ago!

Monday, January 13, 2014 1:57:00 PM  

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